You know that your story and expertise are meant to change lives.

Want to Skip the Details and Apply for the Speaker You’re Meant to Be Program Right Away?

You’re clear on your mission.

You know that your message matters. Yet, uncertainty about where to start and how to make it work (and maybe a bit of fear too) are clouding your path and keeping you from making the impact you so want to make as a speaker and thought leader.

You wonder things like…

What is the best way to share this message in a talk?

Do I offer keynotes, breakout sessions… am I ready for TEDx?

How do I share my story in a way that truly serves?

How do I reach the people who most need to hear my message?

Can I make money doing this?

How do I get great speaking opportunities… the ones that will reach my ideal clients and help me build a thriving business?

These are just the top-level questions. You’ve got many more. (You are not alone in this. There are many good questions to answer.)

I love knowing that I can help answer all of them.

I’ve had the honor of helping more than 1,000 speakers craft and deliver captivating and engaging speeches, talks (keynote, breakout session, TEDx), workshops, webinars – every form of message-sharing you can imagine. 

I can help you do this, too. 

Together we’ll turn your story and message into a powerful thought leadership talk, help you embody the captivating speaker and leader you are called to be and set a strategy for making the biggest difference possible with your message. 

There’s a reason you feel that call to serve with your message: It’s your sign – you were made to do this.

But that doesn’t take away the questions, the need to learn best practices or the desire to get support along the way. 

If anything, knowing you are meant to make a powerful difference increases those questions and desire to learn and be awesome. 

For you, this is about making a difference – but it’s also about supporting your mission, too. You want your thought leadership decisions to lead to business growth, impact and elevation of your brand and mission. 

This program is designed to help you realize your greatest vision for your mission. To see your business thrive with your thought leadership at the heart of it all.

It won’t happen overnight, but this is absolutely possible for you. In fact, that you’re here tells me that it’s meant for you.

You were made for this. 

I’m here to help.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Here’s what past participants have to say:


I knew I had a message to share, but I wasn’t feeling very clear and didn’t know where to start. I like to have a plan; a system. I knew Michelle had a really clear process that was also very nurturing and organic and would really help me determine what my core message was – plus a real strategic plan for how I would craft the talk and the pieces around it. She’s so much more than a speaking coach – she’s a message and thought leadership coach, which is exactly what I needed.

Megan Flatt

Our journey together will take us through my four-step, tried-and-true process of stepping into your leadership:

Get Crystal Clear on the STAND you take as a speaker and thought leader
Craft your Rooftop Message Talk to use as the foundation of your speaking
Transform your heart and mind into the powerful leader you’re meant to be
Build a Thought Leadership Plan that includes the best stages in your industry where you can make the biggest difference with your message

Our work together is designed to help you become a recognized, confident, and compelling thought leader, allowing you to make that difference you are so driven to make.

This is so much more than a speaking coaching program.

In just eight weeks, you’ll have done the deep work to…

>> Speak with confidence about what you do and why it matters on your dream stages, big or small, and in every aspect of your life and work, from parties to networking events to team meetings

>> Connect with your story, own your message and craft your talk in honor of serving an audience – and have a powerful impact on both your audience and yourself in the process

>> Identify the very best speaking gigs that align with your ideal audience(s) and goals, then write and pitch irresistible proposals

>> Stop second-guessing your effectiveness and start feeling the satisfaction of delivering a talk at the level you know you’re capable

>> Naturally attract the right people to your work as the go-to expert so you can scale your business, audience, and impact the way you want

>> Gain a deeper, more intimate knowledge of your own subject matter expertise and your natural style (what I call your Expression Élan)

and learned the skills to…

>> Craft any talk, on anything, systematically, structuring them to naturally attract great clients as well as more ideal speaking opportunities

>> Dramatically increase your chances of landing a TEDx talk

Hey there! I’m Michelle…

I work with mission-driven founders, entrepreneurs, and experts like you who are ready to do the deep work necessary to create the inner freedom that allows you to become the speaker you’re meant to be on every kind of stage.

But I didn’t start off as such a seasoned pro.

My speaking career, if you will, began in high school, when I spoke for Mothers’ Against Drunk Drivers. In college, that advocacy evolved for our Peer Education program to help my classmates protect themselves from HIV. And from then on, every time I joined a nonprofit as a volunteer, I ended up speaking on behalf of our cause in some way.

With 30+ years as a speaker and 15+ years as a college-level public speaking and communications instructor under my belt, I have a confession to make: I still don’t love the spotlight, even now. I just know there’s no more powerful place to be if you want to change a lot of lives at once.

I’ve seen the struggle to communicate everywhere. I worked in high tech during the dot com era and watched dynamic, highly-educated colleagues become boring “ultra-professional” presenters when they got to the front of the room. I saw alternative doctors, nutritionists, and wellness experts who believe with unparalleled passion in the work they do but didn’t know how to talk about it, and therefore weren’t connecting with the very people whose lives they could change.


At the same time, I was teaching college students, watching them become great speakers in a matter of a few months. I wondered: Where’s the disconnect?

So, 10 years ago, I started my own business. I began coaching and teaching workshops and trainings — and today, I’m a trained Duarte Academy facilitator and experienced TedX coach who’s helped more than 1,000 speakers become more captivating and engaging on stage.

Nothing lights me up more than when I watch my speakers take the stage and deliver with such power and grace, sharing their amazing stories and expertise.

Which is what The Speaker You’re Meant to Be is all about. It’s about owning the stand you want to take in the world by removing the blocks and becoming the speaker who can deliver the epic talk we’re about to craft – through a proven, thought-provoking, and nurturing process.

Oh – and when I’m not fully immersed in facilitating a room full of beautiful souls and their greatest expression? I’m happiest snuggled on the couch with a cup of dark roast coffee, my husband, and our three girls, watching a movie together or playing a game (especially if the house is magically clean and dinner is made by someone else).

You have a story to tell. Together, we’re going to prepare you for the stages you’re aching to tell it on.

What I love most is knowing…

You’ll experience the joy of full expression and making a difference alongside a group of powerhouse thought leaders like you, cheering each other on, providing feedback, and helping each other reach for your courage edges…

…without sinking even more hours into watching endless TED Talks, doubting your own story, and fearing rejection of your proposals.

Whether you want to spread a message, get invited to speak at more events, or attract high-level clients and collaborators, the first step is doing the deep work necessary to free you from your fears so you can become the speaker you’re meant to be.

Again: It’s simple. But it’s not easy. And it requires a special kind of support.

It never occurred to me that I would feel so confident…

I knew Michelle would deliver on her promise that we would have a talk, and I wanted that. But I didn’t expect to feel so confident standing in front of women delivering that talk.

Denise Lampron

What’s inside

Give me eight weeks. Your ability to deliver a truly compelling talk won’t be the only transformation you’ll experience.

Here’s how we’ll make it happen:

You’ll begin with your Deep Dive workbook.

Your Deep Dive workbook helps you get to the heart of your goals, your why and see the big picture of your thought leadership speaking in a powerful way. You’ll share this workbook with Michelle so that she will be able to hold your highest vision in her  heart and mind as well. This will guide and support so many of your decisions as you move into this process.

“I dug in deep. Truly taking the time to focus on my desires, needs, and story was incredibly peaceful.”

– Maddie Callander

Your Personal Retreat Guide offers a full-immersion experience, if you choose

I’ve been going on multiple solo personal retreats per year for more than ten years. This is where I craft talks, write my books and explore new and creative business ideas. Over the years, I’ve refined a process for finding, creating and enjoying these retreats in a way that allows me to do extraordinary work while I’m away. In this guide, she offers you insights and suggestions for creating your own Personal Retreat in case you’d like to create a full-immersion experience for yourself.

 You’ll have access to Your Rooftop Message Talk course, guiding you through every step of crafting your thought leadership talk (we’ve had RAVE reviews of the content in this course!)

We all work best at different paces. The beauty in having the entire process of crafting your talk available 24/7 is that you can dive in when you feel inspired and excited, or simply when it fits your schedule. 

Simple videos take you through every step of speech creation – a proven program I’ve used with dozens of clients – complimented by worksheets, checklists, and templates that remove the confusion out of creating your talk and show you how to organize it to keep the audience’s attention.

Weekly check-ins and Q&A

Our group meets every week via Zoom to work through any element of your talk and answer any questions that might come up as you dive in.

What should you title your talk?
Should you speak for free?
Does the cadence work in this section?
It’s all fair game.

Show up to get answers from me and learn from your fellow thought leaders.

“I learned a formula to put together a signature talk that is engaging, useful, and gets clients. I can modify my talk or create a whole new one to meet the needs of the group I’m speaking to.”

– Anna Romero

“It’s a great time to ask questions, to review material, and listen to what others were up to. Michelle is ever ready with answers, suggestions, information, and support.”

– Denise Lampron

Practice partner group

We’ll partner you up with at least one other speaker in the group and help you get practice calls set up via Zoom. Get the feedback, co-thinking, and accountability you’ve been missing, and learn from other thought leadership speakers, in the process.

“I was so happy to practice my talk with other members because everyone gave different feedback which helped me understand my talk from different perspectives.”

– Anna Romero

“Michelle had an ability to take my mess and make art out of it. She was very intuitive and helped me shape and formulate my message.”

– Gayle Canton

Ongoing community support

Our active Facebook Group is a wonderful place to learn, seek accountability from, and strategize with both myself and your thought leader friends in our program.

Expert feedback

I’m here to support you. Throughout the entire eight weeks, we’ll work to refine your talk. Come to our zoom calls, ask specific questions, we’ll workshop your talk together. And in between calls, we have the private facebook group, too. You are not alone in this.

→ VIP, 1-to-1 support

As well as weekly zoom calls where you’ll have the opportunity for individual feedback and support, you’ll also have a 90-minute Talk Delivery coaching session with Michelle. In this session, you’ll get feedback on both talk content and delivery skills so you feel amazing about your speaking delivery going forward.


Michelle is brilliant at leading the process. She truly cares. It can be so transformative to feel someone so engaged, showing you this is worth going through, fighting for, putting yourself out there and sharing with the world…there isn’t anything that doesn’t seem personally interesting; thrilling; exciting to her. I can’t wait to get on the calls because I know I’m working with someone who’s totally genuine in her caring, her feedback, and her coaching.

Dina Sorenson

 Truth: You are meant for this.

The Speaker You’re Meant to Be isn’t another impersonal, sit-on-your-digital-shelf course…nor is it a 100+ member group program with little personal attention.

It’s your invitation to an intimate, high-touch, accountability-driven program that will lead you to realize your greatest impact, and act on it – and it’s the key to overcoming the biggest obstacle of all: Negative thoughts that block beautiful action. Join us!

Fill out the no-obligation application below, and we’ll get you booked for a call with me, Michelle. You come prepared to be candid about your goals and struggles with speaking; I’ll be completely candid about whether The Speaker You’re Meant to Be is perfect for you – or not.

I can’t wait to meet you!

I stepped up to the plate for speaking events – I leaned in; said yes, even when I questioned whether or not I was deserving. Now, I’ve spoken in some fashion every week for the last six. It’s been a crazy streak of opportunities!

Maddie Callander

One might think that with years of public speaking under my belt, a coach wouldn’t make much impact – but boy did she. Michelle helped me sharpen my talk’s focus, structure the flow of the story, and smooth out the rough parts. If you have an important message and you want it to be impactful and heard, you need Michelle.

Ron Fritz

I got to see what other people were doing and being critiqued on, giving me ideas for my own presentations. I also made friends, people that I’m still connected to today – really smart, awesome women doing cool things.

Melissa Hereford

But is it really that easy, Michelle?

A few notes on The Speaker You’re Meant to Be…

While my methodology is simple – release the blocks inhibiting your expression, stand for something that matters, commit to serve through that stand, and go where they gather and serve – the path there isn’t exactly easy.  Releasing blocks, taking a stand, using your voice, and putting yourself out there in a bigger way isn’t for everyone. In fact, if you:

>> are a brand new business owner without a clear expertise or message,
>> aren’t willing to do the deep work it takes to reveal the message at the heart of your mission,
>> want someone to tell you what to do and say every step of the way

…then The Speaker You’re Meant to Be just might not be for you. But, if you’re committed to self-inquiry, ready to reveal what’s already inside of you, and willing to do the work to put your message and your mission in front of the people you know you can most impact…

then you’re in the right place to find the accountability, grow the conviction, and build the confidence you need to serve others through speaking.

There is no more powerful way to make a difference for a lot of people than authentic, powerful public speaking

If you’re ready to heed the call (I know you are!), I’m ready to help you step into your power.

Fill out the no-obligation application below, and we’ll get you booked for a call with me, Michelle. You come prepared to be candid about your goals and struggles with speaking; I’ll be completely candid about whether The Speaker You’re Meant to Be is perfect for you – or not. I can’t wait to talk with you!

“I’ve seen other speaking programs out there – what makes this different?

Fair question – and if you’ve read this far, you probably have a pretty good idea! Whereas other programs focus on the sparkle and glamour of being “amazing” on stage, we go much deeper in establishing your role as a thought leader in your industry: Identifying and overcoming fears, truly exploring the impact of your message, then crafting a talk you can adapt to different audiences – with the confidence and fortitude to nail it each and every time you do. (And yes, you’ll be amazing!)

Let’s dig into a few other thoughts that might be popping up for you as you consider The Speaker You’re Meant to Be:

>> I know I want to spread my message on the stage, but I’m an introvert…

Introverts, unite! Fun fact: I’m also an introvert – so if there’s one thing I’ve mastered, it’s capitalizing on, and learning how to replenish, my introvert energy. Speaking can take a lot out of you, but it’s why we focus heavily on identifying the best opportunities for your voice – so you can make the most of it.

>> Is it really possible to craft an awesome talk in just two months and be ready to deliver it?

Fair! In fact, we’ll actually craft your talk in the first 6-8 weeks of The Speaker You’re Meant to Be. From there, we’ll work together to refine that talk, create customized versions for new audiences, and get you speaking everywhere that makes sense. Meanwhile, we’ll be building and executing on your roadmap to extend your thought leadership through your ideal methods, whether that’s mapping out a book, publishing articles, pitching yourself as a podcast guest, doing regular Facebook Lives, or something entirely different. The skills and clarity you’ll graduate from this program with will have impacts well beyond the stage!

>> I feel like I can probably learn to be a good speaker by studying TED Talks…

Watching TED Talks can be a great way to get inspired – but someone else’s great talk is not your talk. The best speaking and thought leadership comes from knowing your own message and building a talk from that central place in you. When you join my step-by-step program, you’ll get a supportive – yet direct – approach to actually accomplishing your goal of owning your message and living it out on stage, complete with expert coaching and incredible peer support. (That no TED Talk can provide…)

>> I’ve spoken before – I’ve even delivered successful talks…

I bet you’re already a pretty good speaker – most of my clients are! They often lead successful companies, speak on cool stages, and have done a pretty good job of writing talks. But if you’re here, I’m going to go out on a limb and say you aren’t getting the outcomes you want from your existing speaking gigs. Throughout The Speaker You’re Meant to Be, we’ll focus on the things that will help you realize what you’re truly capable of – building you the foundation to become a truly transformational speaker and known industry thought leader.


Michelle is one of the best coaches I’ve ever worked with in any field. You’re going to get unbelievable expertise, somebody who is incredibly thoughtful and smart, and is going to care deeply about teaching you how to be a great speaker.

Melanie Vetter

From expert → speaker → renowned thought leader

A few A’s to the Q’s you might have about making it all happen:

How do I get into The Speaker You’re Meant to Be?
The Speaker You’re Meant to Be is application only. Once I have your application in hand, I’ll reach out to schedule a 30-minute, no-obligation call, where we’ll dig into your goals, your expectations, and how this program might best help. My promise to you: I’ll be honest if I don’t think The Speaker You’re Meant to Be can help you transform yourself as a speaker and thought leader.
When does The Speaker You’re Meant to Be begin?

If you and I agree in your application call that The Speaker You’re Meant to Be is the perfect next step for you in your thought leadership journey, then you can begin as soon as we have a spot available – which could be as early as right away! To ensure you get plenty of individual support, we keep the program at a maximum of 15 people at any time. Once you take your spot in the program, we create a timeline that is all yours, including a delivery day session with me, Michelle, where I give you specific and loving feedback as we round out the two months together.

How many entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and experts will be in the mastermind?

We cap our group at 15 leaders at any given time to be sure you’ll get as much support as you need. The beauty of this program is that the group is carefully curated. We only work with people who are full committed to making a difference in the world with their message so you will be surrounded by others who are on the same amazing path as you.

How is The Speaker You’re Meant to Be facilitated?

As soon as you join us, you’ll get immediate access to all kinds of amazing resources for you to get started right away. This is one of the best things about this program: you don’t have to wait on anyone else’s timeline! The entire process for crafting your talk is available 24/7 via a lovely online portal. We have weekly zoom calls where you not only get coaching on your own questions and talk crafting, but you’ll learn from and be inspired by your cohort along the way. Amazing friendships are built on these calls and in this program!

How much 1-on-1 time do I get with you, Michelle?

Every week you have the opportunity to be coached 1-one-1 by Michelle on the group zoom call. On top of that, you can ask questions in the private Facebook group where Michelle shares feedback and coaching every weekday at least once (usually more).

How much time do I need to set aside each week?

I encourage participants to set aside 4-6 hours/week to go through the material, do the work, and show up for the calls and community as you continue building your business and creating.

What if I can’t keep up?

Accountability is one of the greatest benefits myself and your fellow thought leaders can provide as you act on your commitment to be a recognized speaker in your industry. My signature process includes a schedule that will hold you to a final delivery date, but the way you get to that deadline is totally up to you. There are many ways to be successful, and I can support you in any of them. Some clients like to set aside multiple times each week to do the work, some only work on weekends and others like to work in bursts of large chunks of time at once. This program is designed for you to be successful, it’s the primary goal. So, if you’ve got the commitment, this program will work for you, no matter your style of getting things done. We’re in this together! 

Am I far enough along to make the most of this program?
The short answer: If you have a mission and believe you can make a difference through speaking, you’ve found the right place.

The long answer: Ideally, you’ll have worked with some clients and feel confident that you can make a difference – even if you’re not wildly confident in the how. You need to have an idea of what your message is – we can refine it, but we won’t be starting from scratch.

What makes The Speaker You’re Meant to Be different from other speaking programs?
If you’ve read this far, you probably have a pretty good idea! There are some good speaking coaching programs out there, but none of them go as deep as this one to help you transform who you are as a speaker and thought leader from the inside. We do this by: Identifying and overcoming fears, exploring the impact of your message, then crafting a talk you can adapt to different audiences — with the confidence and fortitude to nail it each and every time you do.
Do you actually book speaking gigs for me?
From the very start, you’ll be provided with a quick course on how to get great speaking gigs, so you can set your eye on the prize – but no, we will not be booking speaking gigs for you. That said, you’ll have all the support you need to craft the talk, write the proposal, and build the confidence to give you the absolute best chance of getting booked for the speaking gigs that put you in front of the people you can most impact.
Am I going to get rich/is this a fast path to a lot of money?

Can you make a lot of money speaking? Absolutely. In fact, many of my clients attract a huge percentage of their clients through speaking and some are paid professional speakers as well. There really is no more powerful way to change a lot of lives – and attract amazing clients – than captivating, inspiring speaking. That said, I don’t teach “selling from the stage.” I don’t believe in manipulative speaking strategies to get clients to rush the back of the room and sign up for your program. I teach speaking for connection. We’re here to transform you into the speaker you’re meant to be (I was pretty literal in the naming of the program!) and help you identify the best speaking opportunities for you that will provide those connections. In the process, you will become clear on how to tie your speaking into your business offerings where applicable, build your list, and create strong relationships that naturally lead to awesome new clients without icky selling from the stage, among many other outcomes. (The list is endless!)

Will you be offering this again?

The Speaker You’re Meant to Be is a rolling enrollment program, however we keep the group small to make sure I can provide the very best coaching and support for each thought leader in the program. You can join at any time during the month, as long as we have an open space in the program. Our cap is 15 people at one time (which means only seven or eight per month), however, and once we fill up you’ll have to wait until a spot opens up before you can join us. For this reason, you don’t want to wait if you know you are ready to get on the best stages in your industry as the program can fill up quickly each month.

I have a question that’s not answered here…

There’s a good chance I have an answer! Never hesitate to get in touch at Even better? Fill out the application at the button below, and we can chat about it, with coffee in hand!


Do it! You’ll get a talk out of it, but you’ll get so much more. You’ll get a deep understanding of your own business and your own gifts as a business owner.

Megan Flatt

“If you really have a message you want to share, Michelle is your Sherpa.

Your commitment. My expertise. Our small group accountability.

All the deep work, tools, and support you need to become the Speaker You’re Meant to Be and leave a lasting impact on your audience.